Outline of Wind Observation Using Wind Profiler Lidar

Wind Observation using Wind Profiler Lidar

The wind profiler lidar system enables remote measurement of wind direction and speed.

Under this system, analysis is performed by shining a laser into the air and observing how it is scattered by atmospheric aerosols (i.e., dust and particles). The Doppler velocity component of the scattered light depends on its speed of movement. Based on the results, the speed of aerosol or wind movement can be determined. Wind direction and speed can also be measured with iterative pulsing of laser light combined with scanning.

Outline of Wind Profiler Lidar

The Aerological Observatory's wind profiler lidar equipment is stored in an observation shelter with a retractable roof.

The equipment consists of an optical antenna system (featuring 1. an optical antenna section used to emit and collect laser light, and 2. a driver section used to emit sweeping laser light) and a main system (incorporating an optical transceiver, a signal processing panel and unit interconnection functionality).

Observation shelter

Observation shelter

Optical antenna         Main system

Wind profiler lidar optical antenna (left) and main system (right)