Meteorological Satellite Center (MSC)

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Aims of our Activities

Outlines and Activities.


JMA's Logo. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is responsible for contributing to the improvement of public welfare. Areas of focus include natural disaster prevention and mitigation, transportation safety, industrial prosperity, monitoring of climate change and international cooperation activities.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Meteorological Satellite Center (MSC) is tasked with observing meteorological and related phenomena from space using meteorological satellites, to processing observational data collected, and to disseminating this information and products derived from it.

The main activities of MSC are as follows:

  • Operation of the meteorological payloads of Himawari-8 and MTSAT
  • Derivation of cloud imagery from Himawari-8 and MTSAT
  • Dissemination of cloud imagery
  • Collection and distribution of meteorological reports transmitted from Data Collection Platforms (DCP)
  • Extraction of meteorological parameters
  • Collection and processing of data from polar-orbiting satellites