The Second Asia/Oceania Meteorological Satellite Users' Conference
6 - 9 December, Tokyo/Japan



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Opening session

Title Presenter Materials
Synergies between Meteorological Satellites and Other GEOSS Resources Jose Achache, Director of GEO Secretariat, Group on Earth Observations (GEO)
The WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) Wenjian Zhang, Director of WMO OBS Department, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Session 1: Current and future satellite programs and system

Title Presenter Materials
Status and Future Plans of the Chinese FengYun Meteorological Satellites Caiying Wei, CMA
Current Status and Future Plan of Korea Meteorological Satellite Program Ae-Sook Suh, NMSC/KMA
Current Status and Future Plan of Japanese Meteorological Satellite Program Satoru Tsunomura, MSC/JMA
Current Status and Future Plan of JAXA Earth Observation Programs Tamotsu Igarashi, JAXA
Current and future satellite programs and systems of the Roshydromet Liubov Kramareva, ROSHYDROMET
Status of current and future EUMETSAT satellite programmes Mikael Rattenborg, EUMETSAT
Status of Current and Future NOAA Satellite Programs Gregory Robinson, NOAA/NESDIS

Session 2: Facilitation of satellite data access and utilization

Title Presenter Download
FengYun Satellite Data Service Jiashen Zhang, NSMC/CMA
Current Status of COMS MI Operation and Its Data Service Seung-Hee Sohn, KMA
GOES-R AWG Product Processing System Framework Shanna Sampson, NOAA/NESDIS
Land and ocean satellite data products from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Ian Grant, AuBoM
The operational use of meteorological satellite data at the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Wim Van Dijk, MetService of New Zealand
MTSAT derived products for operational meteorological services at BMKG Indonesia Riris Adriyanto, BMKG
Use of satellite products for weather and environmental monitoring in Singapore Keng Oon Chiam, National Environment Agency (Singapore)
Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) - A Level 0 to Level 2 Software System for NPP/JPSS Real Time Processing and Applications Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Overview of GSICS: Strategy, Implementation, and Benefits Mitch Goldberg, NOAA/NESDIS
A New Cross-calibration Approach for Different Thermal Emissive Bands in FY-2 Satellite with On-orbit Lunar Observations Qiang Guo, NSMC/CMA
COMS and COMS INR, One Year into the Mission Han-dol KIM, KARI
NOAA Operational Calibration Support to NPP/JPSS Program Fuzhong Weng, NOAA/NESDIS
JMA Inter-Calibration Activities under WMO GSICS Framework Yoshihiko Tahara, Arata Okuyama, MSC/JMA
Status of Asia-Pacific Regional ATOVS Retransmission Services Norio Kamekawa, MSC/JMA
Application of COMS data in KMA Eun ha Sohn, NMSC/KMA
Satellite Image for weather forecasting in case Tropical cyclone "Nok Ten". Aroon Sankwan, Thai Meteorological Department (TMD)
Utilization of satellite data in weather forecasting of Vietnam Thi Hoang Giang Nguyen, National Hydro-Meteorological Service of Viet Nam
Utilization of Meteorological Satellite Data and Products to support Weather Forecasting and Warning Services in Hong Kong Chi Kuen So, Hong Kong Observatory (HKO)
Facilitation of satellite data access and utilization Mikael Rattenborg, EUMETSAT
NOAA Satellite Data Utilization and Applications for Societal Benefits Mitch Goldberg, NOAA/NESDIS
Satellite data utilization at the Roshydromet Nina Sviridova, ROSHYDROMET
GeoMetWatch-STORM: Global Constellation of Next-Generation Ultra-Spectral Geostationary Observatories Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Global dataset of geostationary meteorological satellites and its applications Atsushi Higuchi, Chiba University

Session 3: Satellite data application for atmosphere, ocean and land

Title Presenter Download
Spectral bands and their Applications James Purdom, Senior Research Scientist emeritus, CIRA Fellow
Estimation of radiation budget using Geostationary satellites Hideaki Takenaka, Chiba University
Atmospheric parameter retrievals from hyperspectral data in the presence of clouds Xu Liu, NASA Langley Research Center
Tracking of volcanic ash emanated through Shinmoedake eruption by using MTSAT split-window imagery Toshihisa Itano, National Defense Academy
Investigation of Two Extreme Summer Arctic Sea-Ice Extent Anomalies in 2007 and 1996 Xiquan Dong, University of Tokyo / University of North Dakota (USA)
Post-Storm Satellite Images to Trace Tornado Damage Path from the Wind Borne Debris Deposits Radhika Sudha, Tokyo Polytechnic University
15-year Clear Sky Radiance dataset processing at MSC/JMA Takahito Imai, MSC/JMA

Session 4: Earth observation satellite

Title Presenter Download
Overview of Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) Haruhisa Shimoda, Tokai University
Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Kenji Nakamura, Nagoya University
Overview of Global Satellite Mapping for Precipitation (GSMaP) Misako Kachi, JAXA
Current status of the EarthCARE satellite mission and its sciences Teruyuki Nakajima, University of Tokyo
J-Simulator: development of the joint satellite simulator and cloud evaluation of the global 3.5km mesh simulation by NICAM Masaki Satoh, University of Tokyo

Session 5: GEOSS Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI)

Title Presenter Download
GEOSS Water Cycle Integrator Toshio Koike, University of Tokyo
Land-Lake-Atmosphere Interaction and its Effects on Rainfall, Soil Moisture, and Local Water Use in Cambodia Kumiko Tsujimoto, University of Tokyo
Reducing Climate Change Risks and Vulnerabilities Karma Chhophel , Hydro-met Services
Flood Monitoring and Early Warning System in Thailand Thada Sukhapunnaphan, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
Flood and Drought Impacts and Climate Change Singthong Pathoummady, DDG of DMH, MoNRE
Drought Data Integration and Information Fusion in Asia Patricia Jaranilla Sanchez, University of Tokyo
Verification of Satellite Derived Monthly Rain Rate Fields in Siberia Oleg M. Pokrovsky, ROSHYDROMET

Session 6: Severe weather and precipitation

Title Presenter Download
Use of Meteosat Second Generation Data for convection nowcasting Marianne Konig, EUMETSAT
Analysis of Rapidly Developing Cumulus Areas from MTSAT-1R Rapidscan observation images Akira Sobajima, MSC/JMA
WMO support for monitoring and prediction of severe weather in Asia and the Pacific Kuniyuki Shida, WMO
Space-based Precipitation Datasets: Opening New Frontiers in Atmospheric and Hydrologic Applications Agnes Lane, AuBoM
Imagery with Heavy Rainfall Potential Areas ? a satellite product to support severe weather monitoring Ayako Takeuchi, MSC/JMA

Session 7: Application of satellite data to numerical weather prediction

Title Presenter Download
Use of NPP and FY-3 data in the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation Lars Peter Riishojgaard, JCSDA
The Use and Impact of Satellite-derived Atmospheric Motion Vectors in Numerical David Santek, CIMSS
Derivation and Application of Mesoscale Atmospheric Motion Vectors in KMA/NIMR Jeong-Hyun Park, NIMR/KMA
Study of relationship of time intervals and target box sizes for rapid-scan Atmospheric Motion Vector computation Masahiro Hayashi, MSC/JMA
Data quality of FY-3 sounders and its application in NWP Qifeng Lu, NSMC/CMA
Satellite Data Assimilation - Improving Specification of Current and Future Atmospheric State John Le Marshall, AuBoM
Some applications of satellite data in the WMO THORPEX Programme Samuel J Caughey, WMO
Improved Coastal Precipitation Forecasts with Direct Assimilation of GOES-11/12 Imager Radiances Xiaolei Zou, Florida State University

Session 8: Climate Monitoring from Space

Title Presenter Download
Architecture for Monitoring Climate from Space Tillmann Mohr, Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of WMO on Satellite Matters
GEOSS Climate Societal Benefit Area Masami Onoda, GEO
World Climate Research Programme (WCRP): Climate Research in Service to Society Teruyuki Nakajima, University of Tokyo
WMO's Contributions to Climate Monitoring, and the Need for an End-to-End System Barbara Ryan, WMO
Climate Activities in CMA - challenges, actions & perspectives Caiying Wei, CMA
KMA's strategy and plan for climate monitoring from satellite Jae-Myun Shim, KMA
Long-term series of satellite data products used in Roshydromet for climate change prediction Nina Sviridova, ROSHYDROMET
Use of satellite data in the JRA-55 reanalysis Kazutoshi Onogi, JMA
Planned Contributions by JAXA Tamotsu Igarashi, JAXA/EORC

Poster session

Title Presenter Download
WIGOS Benefits James Purdom, Senior Research Scientist emeritus, CIRA Fellow
WIGOS Capacity Building James Purdom, Senior Research Scientist emeritus, CIRA Fellow
Isolated cumulonimbus initiation observed by MTSAT-1R (rapid scan), 95-GHz FMCW radar, X-band radar, and photogrammetry in the Kanto region, Japan Fumiaki Kobayashi, National Defense Academy
Impact of the assimilation of GPS slant total delay observations on a local heavy rainfall forecast Takuya Kawabata, MRI/JMA
Improvement of rainfall forecast by assimilations of ground-based GPS data and radio occultation data Hiromu Seko, MRI/JMA
Optimal Estimation Technique for Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval from Infrared Multichannel Data Yukio Kurihara, MSC/JMA
Comparisons of precipitable water using special observation data in winter at incheon in Korea Yeon-Hee Kim, NIMR/KMA
Effects of the 2010 summer special observation data on the rainfall predictability Seung-Sook Shin, NIMR/KMA
Unique algorithms for retrieving sea ice and soil moisture information using AQUA/AMSR-E measurements Sungwook Hong, NMSC/KMA
Use of rapid scan data for retrieving properties of growing convective storms Atsushi Hamada, University of Tokyo
International TOVS Working Group (ITWG) Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
International Direct Broadcast User's Training Workshop Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Direct Broadcast End-To-End Processing and Application System Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
High-performance GPU-based Radiative Transfer Model for Hyperspectral/Ultraspectral Sounder Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
GeoMetWatch - STORM- Partnership and Collaboration Opportunity Hung-Lung Allen Huang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory for Education and Training in Satellite Barbara Ryan, WMO Space Program
The International Precipitation Working Group Vincenzo Levizzani, IPWG Co-Chair emeritus